Your Pet is also in Danger from Asbestos: Here’s What You Need to Know

By now, you have probably seen the commercials regarding Mesothelioma and how dangerous it is. It’s bad enough when a family member or friend is diagnosed with mesothelioma, but you never expect that your pet can develop the same rare cancer. In truth, mesothelioma is not unique to just humans, unlike many other health conditions. While it’s uncommon, your family pets, including cats and dogs, are at risk of developing this aggressive, asbestos-related cancer. Wouldn’t it be terrible to find out that a pet has been exposed to asbestos in your home and is now dangerously ill?

How fatal is Asbestos exposure on pets?

For those in our area, this is a terrible reality. A multicenter Italian study in 2008 found that, as with humans, pets cannot be cured of malignant mesothelioma. Most owners will do anything for their pets. Because surgery is usually not an option, it’s important to learn how to avoid exposing your pets to asbestos.

Similar to the effort you take in keeping your dog away from chocolate, it is important for owners to keep their pets away from asbestos. Your pet, like you, can be exposed to asbestos during home renovations. Millions of older homes right here in town have asbestos-contained elements such as insulation, fireproofing, or drywall. When these sites are disturbed, asbestos fibers are released into the air waiting to be breathed in or ingested. The most common way pets are exposed to asbestos is through secondhand exposure. When an owner brings asbestos home on their clothes or skin from work, pets can breathe in the microscopic fibers or ingest them by licking. 

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