Test Your House or Commercial Property for Asbestos

If you live in an older home or manage a business out of an older building and you’re planning renovations, it is wise to consider the potential for Asbestos exposure. While Asbestos is no longer used in construction, it was never removed from many buildings built before the 1970’s. The possibility of Asbestos in your home or commercial building is not something to take lightly.

Before you can take any further action, you must know if the Asbestos is there or not. There are various ways to test for Asbestos. It can be detected with airborne samples, soil samples, water testing, and building material testing. To test these different materials for Asbestos, specialized methods are used. Do not attempt to identify Asbestos by yourself. Improperly collecting samples can lead to further disruption and distribution of the Asbestos into your building, as well as serious health risks for yourself. The first step you should take is to contact a Michigan-based Asbestos specialist to come inspect your home or office and identify areas where Asbestos may be present. It could be in the attic insulation, vinyl floor tiles, pipe wraps, and many other spots. Your Asbestos professional will then extract a sample, place it in an appropriate container, and send it away for testing. When the results come back, you will know if your building is free of Asbestos or you need to move forward with the abatement process.

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