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For many years, building materials were manufactured with asbestos because of its insulating qualities, ability to resist heat and chemicals, and its power to enhance the strength of a material. Later on, asbestos exposure was linked to the development of serious respiratory diseases and cancers, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. This asbestos-related cancer can occur when the substance is inhaled via exposure and the microscopic fibers become lodged within the outer lung tissue layer known as the mesothelium.

Asbestos can be commonly found in building materials such as insulation, pipe insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, adhesives, roof shingles, siding, textured ceilings and joint compounds. In many cases these materials will probably need to be replaced or removed. If asbestos-containing materials needs to be removed, it is important that you call Clean Cut Abatement at (800) 975-1697

Exposure can occur in many different situations, in certain occupations, products, job sites and locations that have particularly high exposure risks. Many homes and buildings built before 1980 contain asbestos products. Don’t risk a code violation or putting your workers in harm’s way. Let Clean Cut Abatement help you protect your home, family, business, employees, and clients. Get your free consultation today!

Over many years, we have provided asbestos removal services in Bloomfield, Michigan. Our certified and licensed professionals can help residential and commercial property owners identify and remove asbestos-containing materials.


Proper Asbestos Management Services include:

  • Inspections
  • Minor Material sampling
  • Renovation neshap inspection
  • Floor tile
  • Mastic
  • Pipewrap / ductwrap
  • Vermiculite
  • Popcorn ceiling


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