Asbestos & Contents Cleaning


Asbestos & Contents Cleaning

When you have asbestos contaminated materials (ACM) or asbestos contaminated contents, not just any contents-removal team or pack out company can legally performs the job. In order to handle contents that are contaminated with asbestos or are in an asbestos contaminated home, the contractors must be licensed by the state in asbestos removal.

At Clean Cut Abatement, not only are we licensed in asbestos removal, but we perform pack outs and contents cleaning correctly and efficiently. You will receive a full inventoried list of all contents removed, as well as photos of said contents.

If you have asbestos contaminated contents on your job site and are in need of a state-licensed asbestos contractor for contents cleaning, call us today at 800.975.1697. A representative is standing by to assist you.


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