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The importance of testing Asbestos

Most people at this point have at least heard about asbestos and are aware that it is hazardous. You may not know exactly what it is however, and why you should be concerned if it is in your home. Asbestos is a mineral fiber. Decades ago, it was often added to construction products to increase their strength and to provide heat and fire resistance. While dangerous, these fibers are actually invisible to the naked eye. The only way to positively identify asbestos is through a microscope. When fibers are released into the air, they can be inhaled by the occupants of the building. If this happens, the fibers can cause diseases which affect the lungs. Breathing high levels of asbestos fibers can lead to lung cancer, specifically mesothelioma, and asbestosis, in which the lungs become scarred with fibrous tissue. If you’re living in an older home or working in an older building in Taylor, Michigan, it is crucial to bring in asbestos testing experts to check for these fibers.

We are the best asbestos specialists near you in Taylor, MI

Clean Cut Abatement is fully-equipped to handle any sized asbestos testing job, from a small one-family home to a large corporate office setting. Our team of certified and licensed experts will create a plan for your abatement, specifically tailored to your particular home or business’s needs. When your breathing and long-term health is on the line, you need a company you can depend on. For Taylor, and the rest of Michigan, that company is Clean Cut Abatement.

If you think you have asbestos, you don’t need to worry. Simply call Clean Cut Abatement now at (800) 975-1697 and we’ll come investigate to know for sure. If it is discovered that you do indeed have it, we will work out which solution is better for your situation. Contact us now to get your free consultation.


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