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Asbestos Pipe Wrap Services in Detroit

Many homes and business buildings contain heating and water pipes that are coated in a wrap that contains asbestos. By now, you’ve probably read news articles and seen commercials about the dangers of asbestos. This material was used because of its convenience to manufacture and price. However, over the years it has been proven that asbestos causes major illnesses, like cancer, and the use of asbestos materials has been stopped in the United States of America. What you may not know is that asbestos was used for more than just ceiling and wall insulation, so you may have it in your building and not realize it. An older city like Detroit has many aging building with asbestos still lurking inside. Because of this, if you are remodeling, it is recommend to use a licensed asbestos contractor to deal with asbestos pipe insulation safely.

This is a serious issue, don’t leave it for tomorrow.

Removing asbestos from the pipes in your home or commercial building is certainly something that should be on your “must do” list. If you’re considering removing or wrapping the asbestos pipe insulation yourself, the important question is, should you? Hiring a professional is highly recommended for any kind of asbestos removal because of crucial safety risks. This isn’t like just pulling up an old rug you don’t want anymore. This type of pipe wrapping is extremely toxic and should be handled only by professionals who are trained in the removal process and are wearing the necessary safety equipment. Let Clean Cut Abatement help you protect your home, family, business, pets, employees, and clients.

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Asbestos Removal or Encapsulation? Our Specialists Know

When dealing with asbestos pipe insulation, there are actually two options: removal or encapsulation. Our asbestos technicians are trained to know which needs to be done. If removal is not an option, the next step is to encapsulate the pipe insulation. This is sometimes necessary because asbestos it is extremely hazardous, and very fragile, due to the fact that it has been there for decades. The encapsulation is done only by qualified professional contractors. To complete the asbestos removal or encapsulation job, our technicians then get rid of all the contaminated waste and take it to an EPA-approved landfill.

If you need to have asbestos pipe insulation removed or encapsulated, all you need to do is call Clean Cut Abatement now at (800) 975-1697. Our licensed technicians are trained to take appropriate safety measures for containment and to ensure your health and safety are protected while the hazardous materials are removed. Get your free consultation now and know that you and your loved ones are breathing safe air!


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