Asbestos Floor Tile Removal in Detroit MI

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Service in Detroit

By now, you’ve probably read news articles and seen commercials about the dangers of asbestos. This material was used because of its convenience to manufacture and price. However, over the years it has been proven that asbestos causes major illnesses, like cancer, and the use of asbestos materials has been stopped in the United States of America. However, a city like Detroit has many old building with asbestos still lurking inside.


Three specific diseases have been linked to asbestos exposure.

These diseases do not develop immediately after inhalation of asbestos fibers; it may be twenty years or more before symptoms appear. Known diseases linked to asbestos exposure include:

  • Asbestosis- This disease is characterized by a fibrous scarring of the lungs.
  • Lung Cancer- Regularly breathing in asbestos can cause cancerous tumors to grow in your lungs which may be fatal.
  • Mesothelioma- This is another type of cancer beyond common lung cancer, which is a cancer of the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity

You may only know to check for asbestos in the attic or within the walls, but some commercial buildings and residential homes were actually originally built with asbestos floor tiles as well. It is imperative to remove these tiles as soon as possible. This isn’t like just pulling up a regular old tile floor you don’t want anymore. These tiles are extremely toxic and should be handled only by professionals who are trained in the removal process and are wearing the necessary safety equipment.

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