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At Clean Cut Abatement, we understand the importance of safe and efficient asbestos tile removal. This crucial process requires specialized knowledge and equipment. If disturbed or damaged, asbestos-containing tiles pose serious health risks, releasing harmful fibers into the air. Eliminating floor tiles is a common aspect of home renovation endeavors. 

While asbestos tiles are durable, they can pose a hazard during grinding, sanding, or demolition. Hiring a licensed asbestos contractor for safe removal during remodeling is wise.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Assessment: A thorough inspection is needed to identify asbestos-containing tiles and assess the extent of contamination.
  • Containment: Establishment of containment areas to prevent asbestos fiber spread.
  • Tile Removal: Careful removal of asbestos tiles using specialized tools to minimize fiber release.
  • Disposal: Proper packaging and disposal of asbestos waste in compliance with regulations.
  • Cleanup: Thorough cleaning and decontamination of the area using specialized equipment.
  • Inspection: Final inspection to ensure complete removal and safety for reoccupation.

Why Choose Our Asbestos Removal Company?

Engaging asbestos inspection and abatement services aids in the safe identification and elimination of asbestos in your property. Clean Cut Abatement is recognized as the premier choice for an asbestos removal company near Michigan. Here’s why we excel:

Local Trustworthiness

Our Michigan-based business provides a range of services, bringing extensive expertise. Focusing on asbestos testing, abatement, removal, and disposal.

Qualified Experts

Our licensed and certified asbestos contractors go through thorough background screenings to maintain consistent safety and professionalism across all projects.

Insurance Partnership

Our collaboration with leading insurance firms simplifies the abatement procedure, ensuring prompt and smooth resolutions for you.


We collaborate with excellent local restoration specialists to guarantee an impeccable outcome for your asbestos removal or abatement task.

Flexible Payments

We aim to enhance your comfort and satisfaction by offering a variety of payment options customized to suit your needs.

Rely on the expertise of our skilled asbestos professionals at Clean Cut Abatement for your abatement needs in Michigan. Contact us to discover our solutions for removing asbestos tiles today!

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