Can I Remodel My Home With Asbestos In It?

If you’re the owner of a home built before the 1980’s that still has much of its original construction intact, you have one thing on your mind: remodeling. From the floor tiles to the kitchen cabinets, this home needs to be gutted and revamped into a house that is modern, functional, efficient, and above all- good looking! Before you let a general contractor get to work, there’s something you need to consider. Houses built this long ago often have Asbestos lurking inside. While Asbestos stopped being used in the construction of new buildings several decades ago, it was never forcibly removed from where it was placed in the past. This means your remodel could knock it all loose. This is not something to take lightly!

If Asbestos fibers are disturbed, then you could be putting your family at dangerous health risks. This is why before you start remodeling the house, you should have the building tested for Asbestos. The contractors doing the remodeling project should receive a written Asbestos report from either you as the building owner or the Asbestos abatement company who did the inspection. Asbestos abatement should be done only by a licensed Asbestos removal company before any demolition work is started. The materials containing Asbestos should be disposed of properly in special hazardous waste bins. This isn’t something you can do on your own and you certainly can’t just put it all in trash bags on the curb to be picked up on trash day.

If you’re thinking about making changes to your home, it’s important to first determine where the Asbestos might be. If you’re replacing tiles in the ceiling, adding lighting, replacing your roof shingles, redoing the flooring, or adding more attic insulation, it is very important to have the area inspected for possible Asbestos that may be present. You see, you could have been in a home with Asbestos for many years and not realize it. This is because the Asbestos was intact and in good condition. Once the remodeling work begins, these fibers will be disturned and the exposure will begin.

When you’re exposed to Asbestos at low levels, meaning it is in your attic but undisturbed, it’s unlikely to make you sick. When buildings are demolished and homes are remodeled, Asbestos can fill the air. It happens as the materials that contain it are destroyed. These fibers are tiny and float around in the air. As small as they are, they’re also incredibly dangerous.

If you breathe in these fibers over long periods of time, you increase your risk for diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Those who smoke are even more affected, because cigarette smoke irritates lung passages which makes it harder for the lungs to remove asbestos fibers. 

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