Understanding What Happens Before Asbestos Removal

Despite the fact that the production of Asbestos has been illegal in the United States for over 40 years, it continues to linger to this day in older Michigan buildings. It is especially prevalent in homes and commercial buildings constructed prior to the 1980’s. If you find Asbestos in your home, you probably have a lot of questions. While you want it out as soon as possible, there are a few things to do and expect before this happens.

What to Expect Before Asbestos Removal

It is essential that only professionals who are trained, licensed, and experienced in Asbestos removal be trusted for this task. When you reach out to Clean Cut Abatement, we’ll go over with you what you can expect before the procedure, known as Asbestos abatement, takes place. This includes:

Step #1 Knowing the Removal Plan

Your chosen Michigan Asbestos abatement contractor will be following the safest and quickest plan possible. They should provide you with details on how the area will be treated, including the preparation and cleanup process. The work plan should detail all local, state, and federal laws they must abide by during Asbestos removal.

Step #2 Proper Demarcation

Once the plan is in place, your team of Asbestos abatement contractors must clearly mark the hazardous area. If this is a commercial building or large residential building, like an apartment building, they must inform all building occupants to leave the area until completion and clearance testing is performed.

Step #3 Pre-Cleaning

Cleaning the work area before starting Asbestos abatement is considered an integral part of preventing potential exposure. The team will pre-clean with HEPA-filter equipped vacuums and/or wet wiping methods. As the home or building owner, you must remove all movable personal items from the work area. This includes items like shoes, clothing, electronics, books, boxes, food, furniture, and more. Anything that can be moved should be removed from the work area in order to avoid contamination. Asbestos fibers are incredibly small and will be released into the air once the Asbestos is disturbed. 

Step #4 Setting Up a Regulated Work Area

It is now time for the air ducts to be sealed, the HVAC system to be disabled, and any areas not being treated to be securely sealed off. This is done with thick plastic sheets, along with air pressure differential and filtration. The contractors will then inspect the work area preparation prior to actually starting the Asbestos removal, just to make sure there are no possible contamination areas.

After this, the process of removing the material can begin. This is only a brief summary. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us and ask any additional questions you may have. 


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