How Expensive Is Asbestos Abatement?

Just because you have Asbestos in your home or commercial building doesn’t mean you have an unlimited budget to get rid of it. You know it’s important to remove these hazardous materials, but money is tight right now. 

Don’t worry! We are here to tell you more about the average cost. When you know more about what you can expect to pay, you will feel more confident in beginning the removal of Asbestos process. Let’s begin!

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How Much Is Asbestos Abatement?

How expensive is Asbestos abatement? We’ve scoured the web to get this answer for you. Bob Vila tells us that Asbestos removal costs are mainly dependent on the type of Asbestos being removed, the size of the contaminated area, labor costs, and Asbestos disposal fees. He’s right! All of this being said, Michigan homeowners can expect an average cost of $1,123 to $2,872, with a national average of $1,994. 

Angi, formerly Angie’s List, gives us a similar answer. These experts say that on average, you can expect to pay between $1,120 and $2,910 for Asbestos removal. Home Advisor uses these same numbers and breaks down the Asbestos removal costs even further for us, so we can see where and why the costs occur. For instance, Asbestos removal generally costs between $5 and $20 per square foot. 

Where Is it Found?

This is important to keep in mind because Asbestos isn’t usually found over a widespread area. Instead, it’s in specific places.This could be crawl spaces and attics, popcorn ceilings, floor tiles, pipe insulation, textured paint, or the insulation. There could also be Asbestos siding. When you know exactly where Asbestos containing materials are within your building, you can better know the cost of Asbestos removal to expect.

Contact Us For the Removal and Disposal of Asbestos

Still today, many older homes and commercial buildings have Asbestos lurking inside. These Asbestos fibers could be in the attic, insulation, flooring, ceilings, and beyond. Once the test for Asbestos comes back as having found the toxic material, your next step should be removing it as quickly and completely as possible.

Clean Cut Abatement makes this as easy and affordable for Michigan homeowners as possible, because we offer insurance assistance. That’s right- it is often covered by insurance! You won’t need to worry about the answer to “How expensive is Asbestos abatement?” because you won’t be paying for it!

We work with all major insurance carriers. This ensures your Asbestos removal project is processed quickly so we can get to work. We can bill your insurance directly so that you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses when applicable. This allows us to expedite your claim.


Remove Asbestos Today

Don’t worry about the air you breath any longer; call in Detroit’s asbestos experts, Clean Cut Abatement.

We know exactly what to look for and how to remove any asbestos if it is found. We are a local and trustworthy business, which is exactly what you need in a potentially-dangerous situation such as this.

Contact us today to come out to your home if you recognize any of these signs or would like for an expert to look around. You can call us at 1-800-975-1697 or you can email Don’t spend another day breathing in toxic air!


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