Home Insurance Claim Assistance for Asbestos Removal

Home Insurance Claim Assistance for Asbestos Removal

If it is discovered that you have Asbestos in your home, your top priority needs to be getting it out safely and quickly so your family doesn’t go any longer in a toxic environment. You shouldn’t need to worry about how you’re paying for it. This is precisely why Clean Cut Abatement offers insurance claim assistance for Detroit homeowners.

You should never let the tricky insurance process and various forms and phone calls stop you from breathing safe air inside your own home. Asbestos is deadly, as it is the cause of serious lung-related issues and even malignant cancer.

If you’ve ever filed an insurance claim for your home in the past, you may have already discovered how difficult and confusing it turns out to be. How discouraging! You pay your premiums every month and now it is time to have the insurance policy cover something you truly need, having the Asbestos removed. Too often, though, the insurance company deliberately makes it confusing in the hopes they won’t have to pay out as much (or at all.) Don’t let this happen! At Clean Cut Abatement, we work with all major insurance carriers to ensure your abatement project is processed quickly and efficiently. We can bill your insurance directly so that you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, when applicable. This allows us to expedite your claim.

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Please keep in mind that while we will happily work directly with your insurance company, we do not require insurance for our services. If you do not have insurance or your Asbestos work is not covered by your plan but wish to obtain our services, we are still here to help. We want everyone in Michigan to live knowing their home, office, school, and every other building they go into is Asbestos free. Please contact us for Asbestos removal services today. You can do so by calling our toll free number at 1-800-975-1697.


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