5 Signs Your House in Detroit has Asbestos

By now, we all know that asbestos is a very bad thing to have inside your home. Exposure to it, like breathing it in, causes several types of serious and even deadly diseases, like Mesothelioma. What you may not know, however, is exactly which signs to look for in order to detect it. After all, in most causes you can not actually see these spores.#

#1 Property Antiquity

If your house was built during or before 1980s, there may be asbestos. Homes during the period used to contain asbestos in its floor tiles, walls, ceilings, insulation, and in pipe cement among others.

#2 Types of roofings

Most of flat corrugated roofing and bitumen roofing are contaminated with asbestos. While it is probably white asbestos, which is the least dangerous of the three types, it will still cause a health hazard.

#3 Flooring tiles sizes

Flooring tiles with 9 by 9 inches of of size, Vinyl tiles, and vinyl sheet with paper or millboard are most likely contaminated with asbestos. The time period of the flooring tiles production and installation play a factor as well, though.

#4 Pipes insulation

Due to asbestos’ insulation and fireproof property, grey or white asbestos is widely used as insulation for pipes, particularly the fittings. White asbestos tapes were also used on pipes as insulation.

#5 Ceilings antiquity

Even old ceilings can be made of asbestos cement sheet. In your home, check for cover traps, light bases, and vent covers because they can be contaminated with asbestos.



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