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No one ever wants to hear the word “Asbestos.” You know it’s dangerous, and actually downright deadly. Asbestos leads to deadly lung diseases, like Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and Lung Cancer. It takes years to realize you’ve been breathing it in, and by the time symptoms are apparent you are already in trouble. This is why abatement is necessary. If you suspect your home has Asbestos, you need to have a professional company come take samples and analyze them right away. If you know for sure your home has Asbestos, the question is not “Should I worry about this?” it is “How quickly can it be removed?”

For those everywhere in Michigan, including Wyandotte, Detroit, and the surrounding areas your first and only call should be to Clean Cut Abatement. We are a local business that you can trust, thanks to our years of experience in Asbestos testing, Asbestos abatement, and other types of toxic substance removal. All of our full-time technicians are licensed, certified, and undergo extensive background checks for your safety and satisfaction. You never need to worry when you bring in the experts at Clean Cut Abatement.

If you would like to schedule an Asbestos abatement consultation, call us today at 1-800-975-1697. For your convenience, you can also use our website and reach out to us via our easy Contact Us form. Whichever way you would like to contact us, make sure to do it soon. If your air is not safe, continuing to breathe it in may be what causes cancer or other lung diseases to form. We are always just a phone call away to help you with your emergency situation!


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