Where can I Find Asbestos in my Home?

Even if you don’t know much about Asbestos, you know it’s bad for you. It causes deadly lung disease, including cancer. You also know it’s found in the attic insulation of older homes. Well, you’re partially right. Yes, Asbestos can be found in this spot but this is far from the only place it is possibly lurking. 

The truth can be pretty scary. For one, Asbestos was used in hundreds of consumer products. Also, while the usage of it was stopped several decades ago, it was never forcibly removed from where it was initially placed. This means Asbestos may still be found in many different building materials and products, including some in your home. The only way to definitively know is to have samples of the material in question analyzed. 

This is where Clean Cut Abatement can be brought in to help. In the past, Asbestos fibers were added during the production of flooring materials to strengthen floors and to increase its durability. We’ll search your entire property, including:

If Asbestos is found, we will get to work removing it. This is known as Asbestos abatement. You will want the best of the best for the important task ahead. When you have Asbestos contaminated materials (ACM) or Asbestos contaminated contents, not just any contents-removal team or pack out company can legally perform this job. Of course, you certainly cannot do it yourself. In order to handle contents that are contaminated with Asbestos or are in an Asbestos contaminated home, you must hire someone who is licensed by the state in Asbestos removal. That is us! Our licensed technicians are trained to take appropriate safety measures for containment and to ensure your health and safety are protected while hazardous materials are removed.

At Clean Cut Abatement, not only are we licensed in Asbestos removal, but we perform pack outs and contents cleaning correctly and efficiently. You will receive a full inventoried list of all contents removed, as well as photos of said contents. We’ll take the Asbestos away and dispose of it in a way that the law requires. You can’t just sit it out on the curb for trash day! After we’re finished, a third-party company will come and test again in order to ensure we got it all. Only then can you know for sure your home, including the attic, pipe insulation, and vinyl flooring, is free of Asbestos. 

If you only think Asbestos can be found in the attic, you’re only partially correct! Don’t worry, we will find it- no matter where it is. All you need to do is call Clean Cut Abatement now at (800) 975-1697. We’ll handle the rest!


Remove Asbestos Today

Don’t worry about the air you breath any longer; call in Detroit’s asbestos experts, Clean Cut Abatement.

We know exactly what to look for and how to remove any asbestos if it is found. We are a local and trustworthy business, which is exactly what you need in a potentially-dangerous situation such as this.

Contact us today to come out to your home if you recognize any of these signs or would like for an expert to look around. You can call us at 1-800-975-1697 or you can email admin@cleancutabatement.com. Don’t spend another day breathing in toxic air!


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