Asbestos Tile Removal in Bloomfield, MI

By now, you probably have heard how dangerous living or working around Asbestos is. It can cause lung and breathing problems that follow you the rest of your life, even grow cancerous tumors that are deadly. What you may not know, however, is exactly where Asbestos can be found. Most people think it is just in attic insulation, which is not correct. Asbestos was used as a building material for many different construction items beyond this, including tiles.

Flooring, including sheet vinyl, vinyl or asphalt floor tiles and any associated paper-like backing, mastic, adhesive or glue, may contain asbestos. This is because, in the past, Asbestos fibers were added during the production of flooring materials to strengthen floors and to increase its durability. Sadly, they did not know how deadly it was. Now that we do, Clean Cut Abatement is helping homeowners and contractors with issues concerning asbestos tile removal in residences and commercial buildings. We can be brought in to remove this deadly threat from your home or business, to stop the risk of Asbestos-related diseases.

This absolutely not something to attempt on your own. While removing floor tile is a common part of home remodeling projects, Asbestos-containing floor tiles will become damaged with age or by grinding, sanding, or attempting to remove them and send tiny fibers into the air that you will breathe in. If you are remodeling or think your tiles may contain Asbestos, you should work with a licensed asbestos contractor to remove this flooring. For those in Bloomfield, MI, the answer is Clean Cut Abatement. Contact us today at (800) 975-1697.

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