Asbestos Tile Glue Removal

By now, you probably have heard how dangerous Asbestos is. It can cause lung and breathing problems and even a form of deadly cancer called Mesothelioma. While this information is now commonly known, it was not when Asbestos was being used in nearly all kinds of construction materials. This is why Asbestos was used as a building material for several decades and may now be in places you do not expect, like the glue holding your tiles together.

Many Michigan homes and businesses were built during the time Asbestos was used and still have it lurking inside. Now that they are older, they are being remodeled and the Asbestos is being disturbed. Removing floor tile is a common part of these remodeling projects, and people are unaware they are touching glue that contains a deadly material. As the Asbestos is being disturbed, it is sending tiny fibers into the air that you will breathe in. This is why if you are remodeling or think your building may contain Asbestos, you should work with a licensed asbestos contractor to remove it safely and completely.

This absolutely not something to attempt on your own. For those in Bloomfield, MI, the answer is Clean Cut Abatement. Over many years, we have provided asbestos removal services for countless clients. Our certified and licensed professionals can help home and business owners identify and remove Asbestos-containing materials so they can breathe healthy air with confidence. Contact us today at (800) 975-1697.

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