Asbestos Removal in Your Home

We all had a big focus on health this year. Is it safe to go somewhere? Is it a good idea to get close to someone else? All of these are questions we’ve asked ourselves over and over again. Remember, you don’t want to just be healthy now, you want to be healthy in the long term as well. That means thinking about the air you are breathing in day and night inside your home. Yes, we’re talking about Asbestos exposure.

The truth is that while Asbestos is no longer used in home construction, it was never forcibly removed from places it had already been placed. Many homeowners know Asbestos is bad but are under the mistaken impression that only attic insulation contains this deadly toxin. This is not true! It can be in many places in your home, as it was used in literally hundreds of consumer products. That means there’s a chance it is in your house, up in the attic, in the floor tiles, and more. Residential flooring options, including sheet vinyl, floor tiles, and the backing, adhesive, or glue, could possibly contain Asbestos. Asbestos was added during the production of these flooring products to strengthen the flooring and to increase its durability. This Asbestos causes cancer and other breathing issues. If your house is one of the many here in this area that was built several decades ago, making a call to Clean Cut Abatement is recommended. We are one of the top Asbestos abatement companies in the Detroit, MI area.

It is important to note that Asbestos-containing material is not considered hazardous when intact and in good condition. But, how do you know if yours is still in ideal condition? You do not, which is the problem. Common home remodeling projects, especially the kind that are needed on a home built 50 years ago, are what damages the integrity of the Asbestos and releases the toxins. You may think a job will be simple, only to be releasing toxins into the air as you take up the aging tile and put down something new. This is why our trained and licensed technicians should be brought in first. Our team has access to the proper tools, and are well versed in the needed preparation, removal procedures, and clean up needed for everyone to stay safe. Following the right steps are incredibly important to reduce you and your family’s exposure to Asbestos. Keep in mind this is more than just a suggestion. It is illegal to simply throw Asbestos into the trash and put it out by the curb with the rest of your weekly garbage. It needs to be taken to a special facility and disposed of properly.

It is time to put your health first. Years from now when you are still active, feeling good, and living pain free, you will be glad you made the call to have Clean Cut Abatement perform an Asbestos removal service in your home! We serve all of Michigan, including Wyandotte, Detroit and the surrounding areas. We are always just a phone call away to help you with your emergency situation!


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