Asbestos Removal in Michigan: Are There Health Risks if You Don’t?

If you own a home or manage a commercial building that is found to contain Asbestos, your next step is to look for Asbestos removal in Michigan. But, what if you don’t? What if you put it off or decide not to do it altogether?

This is absolutely not an “it’s up to you” situation. It is imperative to the health of you and anyone else in the building that you hire a professional team for Asbestos removal in Michigan as soon as possible. There are several health risks associated with Asbestos that you should be aware of, because they may become a reality for you if the situation isn’t remedied quickly. 

What are the Health Risks of Asbestos?

As mentioned before, exposure to Asbestos can cause several serious and even deadly health conditions, including lung diseases. When Asbestos fibers are released into the air, they break down into tiny particles. A person inside the house or building then inhales them. At this point, they collect in the lungs, causing scarring and inflammation.

The health risks associated with Asbestos are now very well documented. They include:

Lung Cancer

This form of cancer occurs when a malignant tumor invades and blocks your lung’s air passages. If you also smoke, this greatly increases your chances for lung cancer.


This is a rare cancer of the membrane that covers the lungs and chest cavity, the membrane lining the abdominal cavity, or membranes surrounding other vital organs.


Scarring in the lungs caused by breathing Asbestos fibers means that oxygen and carbon dioxide do not pass in and out of your lungs easily. Breathing becomes much harder. The result is less-efficient lung function.

Pleural Disease

This is a lung condition that causes changes in the membrane surrounding the lungs and chest cavity, called the Pleura. This membrane may become thicker. Instead, fluid may build up around the lungs, which is known as a Pleural Effusion. 

Unlike exposure to mold or other toxic chemicals, the health effects related to Asbestos exposure may not be apparent for years. This doesn’t mean you won’t have any. In fact, signs of Mesothelioma may not appear until 30 to 40 years after exposure! Why take a chance on something as serious as Cancer?

Hire Clean Cut Abatement for Professional Asbestos Removal in Michigan

Too often, we hear people try to put off their needed Asbestos removal in Michigan because of the costs associated with the service. We want you to know that this will never be an issue when you work with Clean Cut Abatement. 

We offer insurance claim assistance, as your homeowners or business insurance will often cover at least part of this needed service. As well, you can also set up a payment plan for any additional bill not covered by insurance. 

As you can see from the list above, there are health risks associated with Asbestos that are very serious. Don’t let a financial matter stop you from hiring our team for the Asbestos removal in Michigan you need in order to be healthy and safe in the short- and long-term.


Remove Asbestos Today

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We know exactly what to look for and how to remove any asbestos if it is found. We are a local and trustworthy business, which is exactly what you need in a potentially-dangerous situation such as this.

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