Asbestos-Related Illness or Allergies: How to Know for Sure

When you’re feeling ill, one of the most frustrating aspects of it can often be trying to figure out what is wrong. Is it something simple, like allergies? Or, could it be something much more serious? It’s tough to know for sure. This is particularly true if your symptoms are fairly common, like a headache and sore throat. 

Even during the summer months when it is allergy season, your symptoms are not something to let go. The scary truth is that Asbestos-related illnesses can mimic allergy symptoms. If your symptoms last longer than a week, it is recommended that you go see your doctor as soon as you are able to. It is possible that your ailment could be an Asbestos-related illness instead of simple seasonal allergies.

Nearly all illnesses caused by exposure to Asbestos have respiratory symptoms. The best way to determine if you have seasonal allergies or Asbestos-related illnesses is by seeing your primary care physician or going to a walk-in clinic. It’s also worth looking into whether it is possible your home or workplace could have Asbestos lurking inside. 

Common illnesses associated with Asbestos include Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, as well as Pleural Thickening and Plaques. These are caused by exposure to Asbestos fibers and dust. The common thread between them all is a thickening and scarring of the lung tissue, due to breathing in the sharp fibers. Coughing, wheezing, respiratory problems, and fatigue are all symptoms associated with breathing in Asbestos. 

“Could my home really still have Asbestos?” you may be wondering. The answer is yes! Any homes, schools, or commercial buildings built before the 1980s could expose you to Asbestos. It is possible that Asbestos is hiding in the attic insulation, cement, floor tiles, walls, and pipes. While many residential uses for asbestos were phased out, it remains legal in the U.S. for more than a dozen applications. Beyond this, it was never forcibly removed from where it was used in the first place. This means if your home was originally built in the 1970’s and no one has renovated the bathroom since then, it is quite possible you have Asbestos inside. Your “allergy symptoms” could actually be the early stages of Mesothelioma or Asbestosis. This is incredibly scary, but it’s also a real possibility.

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