How to Identify Asbestos: What You Need to Know

Asbestos is a group of natural silicate minerals made up of thin, microscopic fibers that offer heat and chemical resistance, fireproofing, and strength. Before the government acknowledged the risks of asbestos, it was employed in several American consumer products. People who are exposed to asbestos run the risk of developing cancer and other diseases in the future.

Many modern items can no longer contain the mineral because of regulations, but some may do so in legally permissible amounts. Additionally, if asbestos content is less than 1%, manufacturers are not obligated to declare it in the ingredients list.

By looking at them, you can’t tell which materials are contaminated with asbestos. Hiring a professional is important to handle every remodeling or construction project you suspect has asbestos.

This blog will cover the most common questions, “what does asbestos look like?” and “how to recognize asbestos?”.

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

We can differentiate the types of asbestos as blue, brown, and white. Or, to use their proper names:

  • Crocidolite (Blue)
  • Amosite (Brown)
  • Chrysotile (White)

Sadly, even though they have different colors, it takes work to identify them.

Since asbestos fibers are so small and light, they are invisible to the naked eye. Only a microscope can reveal what these lethal fibers look like.

asbestos under the microscope

Now, based on the images provided by the microscope, we can say that its characteristics are:

  • Individual and light fibers
  • Color varies depending on the type of asbestos
  • Most threads are sharp and needle-like
  • Fiber form varies based on the type of asbestos mineral

How Do I Recognize the Presence of Asbestos?

Recognizing the presence of asbestos is very difficult. It needs an expert in the field to make an accurate identification since the material doesn’t smell and can’t be perceived by the naked eye.

asbestos fibers

How do you tell whether there is asbestos present if you can’t see or smell it? The short answer is with an asbestos survey.

A qualified professional who has received detection training must complete an asbestos survey since getting in contact with it is very dangerous. However, they cannot be completely sure which materials are most likely to contain asbestos. So they will collect samples for analysis.

An asbestos surveyor will learn details about the building or structure, such as when it was constructed. Thanks to this, they will clearly know the materials that were probably employed during the property construction. They will then survey the building or structure to pinpoint the precise location of any asbestos.

Leave the Asbestos Removal in Expert Hands

The best course of action if you think your home has asbestos is to hire a professional inspector.  Our specialists are highly trained and qualified to remove asbestos-containing materials from your property. 

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