Asbestos Inspection in Detroit, MI

Asbestos Inspection in Detroit, MIn

Detroit is full of historic homes. While they may still look great, especially after being renovated, there could be hidden dangers lurking inside. Older houses built several decades ago, like those found commonly in our area, run a high risk of having asbestos in them. Up until 1978, asbestos was sprayed into walls, ceilings, and other structural areas. Shockingly, even after the ban, manufacturers were still allowed to use up any remaining stock and so some structures built as late as 1986 still contain asbestos! Many Detroit homeowners do not realize this. 

Why it’s important to inspect your home or business for asbestos.

Because it has been known to cause cancer, it is crucial to schedule an asbestos inspection so experts can check for asbestos and the accompanying fibers. Clean Cut Abatement is fully-equipped to handle any sized asbestos testing job, from a small one-family home to a large corporate office setting. Our team of certified and licensed experts will create a plan for your abatement, specifically tailored to your particular home or business’s needs. When your breathing and long-term health is on the line, you need a company you can depend on!

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The best Detroit-area asbestos inspections are done by Clean Cut Abatement. We are a local and trustworthy business with years of experience in dealing with asbestos. Our full-time technicians are licensed, certified, and undergo extensive background checks for your safety and satisfaction. If you would like more information or wish to set up an asbestos testing consultation, please call us toll free at 1-800-975-1697.


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