Asbestos Floor Tile Removal in Wyandotte, Detroit & the Surrounding Areas

You’ve no doubt heard of Asbestos and you are probably even aware of how dangerous it is to be around it and breathe it in. But one thing you may not know is exactly where it can be found. It is not just in attic insulation! In fact, deadly Asbestos could be lurking in the tile right under your feet!

Asbestos floor tile is surprisingly common in older homes here in our area. The truth is that prior to 1980, Asbestos was frequently used to extend the durability of floor tiles in homes. The Asbestos companies were not yet being honest about how dangerous the product was. And once it was banned, it was not forcibly removed from where it has already been used.

The first step in the removal of Asbestos floor tile is identifying that you have Asbestos in your tiles in the first place. That’s where Clean Cut Abatement comes in! We will visit your home and test it for Asbestos. It is true that the Asbestos must be disturbed in some way in order to release the toxic particles and cause your harm. Can you say for sure whether this has happened or not? Of course not! That is why it best to remove them as soon as possible. Remember, many of the effects of Asbestos do not cause symptoms for years and even decades. Just because you aren’t sick now doesn’t mean you are not getting sick. By the time your doctor finds a tumor, it may be too late.

Only when you know for sure your own is free of tiles containing Asbestos can you breathe easy. Call us as soon as possible at 1 (800) 975-1697 and let our abatement experts in Wyandotte, Detroit and the surrounding area know you suspect you have Asbestos in your home.


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